APA research paper outline template

APA research paper outline template

Essay structure

The essay is not quite a standard structure. It should not contain a table of contents, a list of references and, even a title page. This is a free genre, which can be expressed by the author as he wants. The only condition that determines the structure of an essay is logic. Everything should be built according to the laws of logic. The scheme of writing an essay never changes regardless of its size and is maintained even in a mini-essay. Also though the essay has a free form, its structural features are present.

First of all, they are due to the requirements of this genre: all the thoughts of the author should be stated in the thesis. Arguments must support each thesis. Arguments, in this case, are concrete well-known facts, events, phenomena, objects, scientifically proven facts, and the like.

The average essay usually has a small size, starts with a problem, then goes a few (usually three) abstracts and 2-3 arguments to these abstracts. It ends with an obvious conclusion.

Moreover, you can add the opinion of the opposite side and justify its fallacy. This type of essay is more severe and thorough.

Essay plan

Those who are wondering where to start writing an essay should make a plan for writing an essay. The blueprint reflects the future structure of the essay; the plan determines how to make an essay. It is impossible to understand how to write an essay without making a plan. Although the plan may change (and quite significantly) during work, it is necessary to write an outline before writing an essay. To outline, you need to explore the topic. After you are well versed, you need to review the literature that is relevant to the topic. Only after that, you need to think over theses and arguments that you need to display in the plan.

Essay writing technique

One of the main tasks of writing an essay can be considered the conviction or motivation of the reader. When the author decides to sit down for an essay, this means that he wants to either raise some problem or show that the solution proposed by him is the right one. Even if this essay is not an impulse of the soul, but the task of a teacher, everything comes down to these tasks.