How to write a dissertation abstract

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How to write a dissertation abstract

The dissertation abstract should contain the conclusions and the main ideas of the thesis, an indication of the author’s contribution to scientific activity, the level of novelty of his research, and the prospects of the practical application of the applicant’s developments. Below you will find information essay writing on how to write a dissertation abstract.

Some tips

Abstracts of dissertations should be written focusing on the dissertation council. Find on the official university website, or ask in the department, where you can find an abstract, written in your specialty and adopted by the dissertation council, which will also consider your work. Given the characteristics of a successful example, make up your abstract. The abstract is written for a specific passport specialty. Use the exact wording of this passport to ensure that both the thesis and the abstract correspond to the requirements specified in it. At least 40 people will read your abstract, while the dissertation is reviewed in detail by a maximum of five teachers. This means that it is essential to compile the abstract with special scrupulousness, and you simply should make it perfect.


  1. The prologue. It contains a general description of the work with the justification of the novelty and relevance of the study, a story of the author’s personal contribution to the study of the problem, the formulation of the subject and object of the research. In the first part, it is necessary to clearly formulate and specify the objectives and goals of the thesis.
  2. The main part. It reveals the essence of the thesis: research approaches and methods, the main stages of the work, the applied methodology, describes the structure and scope of the argument, and the conclusions. Objective, accurate data must confirm any conclusions. Any assumptions and theories should be highlighted with the indication that these are only assumptions.
  3. The last part consists of a bibliographic list of publications of the author of the author’s abstract. The list should be issued in accordance with the rules. All indicated publications should relate exclusively to the dissertation topic.